Hello, I am Nguyen Thi Minh Tam (Kelly) – the author of KellyTarlots Blog

I was born and grown in Quang Nam – a small province of the central of Vietnam. When I went to university, I started living away from my hometown – a place I belong to. The environment of the city made my mind and thought change a lot. Since I have lived in the city, I have become more mature and self-reliant because I have had to face difficulties by myself without my family. The city life is busy, hasten, and crowded, which makes me remember my home sometimes.

I am quite fortunate to receive a full scholarship for an American degree program in Vietnam. Therefore, I have the opportunity to have access to a foreign education throughout my student life. This also changed my mind more or less.

During the process of studying and living, I have learned many things from life and books. Also, I discovered many things hidden in myself I had not known in the past. I identified who I am, what I want to do, and where my value is. Honestly, I desire to live in a meaningful way, experience everything I have not known yet, share the interesting things I discovered with the mass, and bring good and beautiful values to everyone.

The fate that brought me to the blog was complicated. Although everything begins with inspiration, some reasons are difficult to describe in a nutshell. Therefore, you can visit my blog post Tại sao mình viết blog? to fully understand. Thank you a bunch!


KellyTarlots Blog is where I share everything relating to my personal experience and point of view. I write some topics I concern such as travel, study, experience, personal thoughts, and all things I see it is useful and helps me mature more. This is my personal blog – where I discover myself. And hopefully, through my blog, you find something useful for your life.

The name of the blog “Kellytarlots” is sourced from my aliases. Kelly is my English name that I have a strong attachment to during my years of university. This is the name I was named by my instructor, and I really love it. Tarlots is my nickname. It is sourced from the name of a “chicken” character in the Macdonald’s Farm cartoon I love so much. “Chicken” in Vietnamese is “Gà” – a cute alias my parents named for me since I was a child. Kellytarlots is the combination of both, which connects closely with my life.